Monday, July 6, 2015

Why Learn Python ???

Every one of you who has come to this page needs some motivation as why to learn python. Let's not bore you with the theory and directly dive into the benefits you will reap after learning python.

1. Easy to learn

If you are new to programming, python is most recommended language. It is taught in 101 computer science courses in most of the top universities. You can find number of online resources and there are many MOOC sites which offer python introductory courses as well as of advance level.

2. Web development Language        

 Python is not only a scripting language but a general purpose language. If you are into web development you should definitely try your hands on some of the python web framework. Python is widely used in web development. Python most popular frameworks are Django and Flask.

3. Data analytics and machine learning language

There are tons of libraries in python for data analysis and machine learning. If you aspire to be a data scientist or data analyst, python is required. There are courses available online on sites like edx, coursera , udacity etc.

4. Support open source and want to contribute

Python is on open source platform and is getting updated on a daily basis by open source community. Daily a number of libraries are uploaded to pypi a online repository of python package. If you are also a geek and want to support back the open source community you can use python.

5. Python pays you well.

Python is 6th most popular language as per the Tiobe index which is calculated based on the searches and it is still rising. The python skill is in demand in technology market and is paid well.

In next post, we will share some more insights on how to start leaning python. Please post your questions in the comment section

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